Herbs Candles

The use of certain herbs on candles add a magical boost to spell-working. Explore  infinite paths of cleaning, prosperity, abundance, etc by setting  you intention and lifting up the candle. We recommend the following steps when lighting an intention candle:

1-Burn the candle in  ventilated area and do not leave it unattended.

2-Always think good thoughts and say your blessing or prayer. When smudging you can hold the candle in your hand. You can smudge your hands to prepare you self for the ritual. Smudge your head to think positive, smudge your heart to feel good things. Smudge your legs to walk through the good things in life. Just to don't hold it too close and be careful with the flame. 

3.-Smudge the room to clean that space. You can smudge other person or objects as well.

4.-You can repeat the same process  when burning sage or palo santo.

5.-For candles, leave the candle on until it is consumed. That will conclude your ritual and finalize your intention.