Evil Eye Black Natural Lava Stretch Bracelet - The Bracelet of Protection
Evil Eye Black Natural Lava Stretch Bracelet - The Bracelet of Protection
Evil Eye Black Natural Lava Stretch Bracelet - The Bracelet of Protection
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Evil Eye Black Natural Lava Stretch Bracelet - The Bracelet of Protection

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Bead Size: 8- 8.5mm

Bracelet Inner diameter: 50mm - 2 inches

Type: Stretch, silver plated findings

The Evil Eye: Wearing any jewelry with the evil eye will protect the wearer from evil and ward off the evil that has been directed at them. Ancient cultures such as the Greeks and Romans believed the "look" or "stare" will bring bad luck to the person at whom it is directed for reasons of envy or dislike.

Black Lava: Lava Rock is known for being a grounding stone, one that can balance the emotions and bring about calmness and strength. Being made from the earth's core, it's a stone with a special connection to Mother Earth. That's why it is considered one of the best stones for grounding. Lava rocks are one of a kind healing stones with a a grounding and protective vibrations.

How to Use Lava Rocks: Many people like to add essential oils since Its natural surface will absorb the oils and  you can start enjoying some of the benefits of essential oils. Just Add a few drops and you are good to go! 

Zodiac Sign: All zodiac signs can wear this bracelet, just keep in mind each zodiac sign can be related to each individual Chakra.

How to activate your bracelet:

1-Cleanse the bracelet

2-Identify your intention, in this case, should be related to protection. In a calm voice repeat " I am releasing all negativities from this charm and my own" and repeat.

3-Hold your bracelet and imagine a ball of light from your palm and in the middle of your chest. Allow to circulate it to your whole body.

4- Hold the bracelet firmly in your hand and ask the higher entities to always protect, and purge forces such as jealousy, hatred, envy and ill intentions directed at you.

5-Put it on your wrist. 

How to Cleanse it: You can smudge your bracelet with a sage stick, place it under the moonlight or place it in a bowl of brown rice. 

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