Why Pink Opals?

In honor to our Inca's Rose candle with pink Peruvian opals:

Once upon a time by the Titicaca Lake (Peru), one warrior broke inn to a sacred place where were living only a few chosen beautiful women that were suitable to marry the Inca. These sacred girls were not allowed to leave this place, unless the Inca chose any of them as wives.

Tupac Canqui, the warrior who felt so deeply in love when he saw Nusta Ajlla. They both escaped and had kids, which later on they established and built some of the ancient cities. After many years Nusta Ajlla finally received against her all the curses and spells from the Inca’s sorcerers and she dies. Her body was buried somewhere up in a mountain.

Tupac Canqui in efforts of forget about his pain and sorrow felt asleep permanently transforming his body to a rock. That is why we can appreciate today a human’s silhouette on the Andes Mountains.

One day, a farmer found the rocks where the body of Nusta Ajlla was buried and he saw a tear shape rose stone. This farmer offered this stone to the Inca as a gift, the “Inca’s rose”. It was after this moment that this pink stone was used as a symbol of forgiveness, sacrifice, compassion and love, especially a guide of finding true love. This stone will guide you in the path of finding true love, but it will also bring you pain and sorrow.


This teach us that if we are lucky enough to find true love during our paths, we are going to have feelings that will make us vulnerable, will make us feel fear and sadness but at the end, it is on us to understand and accept that it will help us grow mentally and spiritually.

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