Who We Are?


My name is Natalia, and I converted my passion of making candles into a home business during the times of pandemic on 2020. Just got laid off from my job in New York City for second time in two years, decided that I needed to change many aspect  of my life, mentally and physically. 

Started watching a lot of candle tutorials and experimenting with different types of waxes, different scented oils, different container sizes and the most difficult part, getting the right wicks. After months of experimentation and money wasting I finally knew what I had to do and here we are!

We are thankful to being able to light up your homes with good vibes and help people maintain closeness to their loved ones despite the distances. We handcraft our candles with our hearts because we know the person who is receiving our candles is very special. For that reason, the mix of emotions and  and thougths when lighting up our candles hopefully becomes meaningfull, and for us, that is what matter the most.

We ship all across the United States and Canada, so you will be safe and warm in the convince of your home. 

We invite you to try all our candles and pick your favorite ones. If you are getting them for you or if you need a gift, we got you! Just leave us a note at check out and we will print your message in a nice colorful paper.

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Natalia T.
Owner and maker.

Thank you!