Quartz Candles

The holistic world is very complex and it can be very exiting. Some quartz play an important part in rituals and also with our seven Chakras . It is said that some quartz colors and candle colors represent some states, moods and intentions. Here is some information based on colors that can be benefitial.

White: Spirituality, purity, peace, protection and truth.

Pink: Love, affection, protection and romance.

Orange:  Joy, Creativity, happiness, attraction, ambition, career matters.

Red: Health, strength, sexual awakening and courage.

Yellow: Confidence, memory, intellectualism, and imagination.

Green: Abundance, fertility, healing good luck and and harmony.

Blue: Inspiration, devotion, peace and protection.

Purple: Spirituality, enchanntment and wisdom.

Brown: Earth awareness, animal magic and peace with nature.

Black: Mourning, Banishing and loss.

Silver: Astral energy, moon energy and intuition.

Gold: Prosperity, enthusiasm, wealth.